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From here you will get something about me

Hello World!

I'm Rajesh Kumar, a qualified CG Animation and Gaming Artist with 5+ years experience in gaming and animation production. I am capable of 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Digital painting, Digital sculpting, VFX, Designs for web and print.

Career Accomplishments:
  • Working in Animation and gaming production projects.
  • Passionate 3D Artist, creating animations with high quality and solid understanding of game art and processes.
  • Work closely with designers to create visually stimulating model or characters to intensify game play ability.
  • Possess extensive knowledge of 3D computer graphics.
  • Quick learner of any projects mission, technical capabilities with great perfection.
Future Aspirations:
  • I like to explore new avenues.
  • I am excited to build a dynamic and innovative team of designers who can generate top-notched designers to delight the future customers.

Looking for a Full time employment in big CG production or Freelancing career in 3D Modelling and Design.